A Whole New Look

circle logoW elements® (Formerly Shapes Fitness) is evolving in Tampa!  At elements®Seminole, you will soon see fresh new looks inside and out, including a brand new aquatics area, jacuzzi, eucalyptus steam room, members lounge, thinspa® and more!  Improvements are planned to all areas of the club, including the addition on a new check in and front retail area, updated lighting and super-clean ventilation and air purification system, new options for protein drinks, juices, and great healthy snacks. In short, your new club will be nothing short of fantastic.  elements® is all about transforming (yourself) getting results….  in this case, its our club is that getting “elemtized!”

The schedule for the renovations will be posted on this website, and as with all elements® clubs, great care is taken to do as much of this enhancement work as possible at night and behind the scenes.  Our #1 priority is to make sure you get great workouts!

Phase I of the club makeover will be new paint, and overall design and mechanical enhancements. Phase I will begin on December 22 and will continue for 14 days.

Phase II, which includes pool enhancements, will not occur until after the very busy Jan and Feb months, to avoid disturbing classes during our busiest time of the year.

We invite members and guests to offer their questions or comments anytime, by emailing info@elementsseminole.com

Making it Happen!™

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3 responses to “A Whole New Look

  1. Margaret McMullen

    No pool shower for the past three days. No steamroom today. Out of toilet paper a few times in December. Stinky whirlpool at least once a week. Can’t wait to see ANY changes! (besides the signs saying there will be changes)

    • Hi Margaret –

      Thanks for this comment – we were sorry to hear this feedback but very much appreciate it. We agree the club needs to be clean before anything else … with that in mind we have hired a new “clean team” to handle thorough daily cleaning – they start next week (Jan 10). We think this will make a huge difference.
      The shower is in the process of being repaired by maintenance as we speak, and we will make sure there is plenty of toilet paper for all :) We have reviewed this with the person who does all the ordering. Thanks for your comments and we hope you really enjoy the club.

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